If we were being 100% honest, we really didn't know how to approach distribution. We weren't sure how the model worked, how much margin we would be sacrificing or whether we would even have enough wine to make it viable. Most importantly, we wanted to be sure that anyone we worked with understood our story and what we were hoping to achieve. Dan Simmons and the crew at Captains of Trade reached out to us a couple of months ago and, straight away, they seemed like a good fit. They work with small producers (both domestically and internationally), with a focus on sustainable farming and low intervention winemaking. We live and breathe these philosophies every day and Dan gets it. We're rapt to be working with the COT crew, and can't wait to get over to Sydney soon and pour our wines in the trade. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to look at the Heretic Wines, get in touch.  


We're relatively new to this sales and distribution game, so we've decided to keep things really simple. We've made a list of places we think share our ideals about how wines should be made and enjoyed (with family, friends and laughter). These places include bottle shops, restaurants, wine bars and pubs and, most importantly, they are places that we really want to eat and drink at. So....we started contacting them, some through industry contacts, some through social media and some were just good old fashioned cold calls. Some said yes, some said no and we're absolutely fine with that - we realise our wines aren't going to be for everyone. However, they've all been generous with their time and their feedback, and for that we want to say thank you. 

Below is a list of businesses currently stocking Heretic Wines. We can't say how much we appreciate these wonderful crew taking a chance with a completely unknown producer - more than you will ever know. Legends all of them!


Settlers Tavern

A local institution, with a great wine list (both domestic and international). Karen and Rob have transformed a pub with sticky carpets and thick with cigarette smoke into a meeting place for locals and visitors alike. We're incredibly proud that they were the first business to ever stock Heretic Wines.


Settlers Liquor

Just across the carpark from the Tav, these guys have got hands down the best range of local, domestic and international wines in town. They've also got a pretty handy beer selection (it's Harrie's bottle-o of choice!)

Photo 14-7-17, 10 43 41 am.jpeg


I met Megs when I was judging at the Geographe Wine Show in 2017, and I was instantly struck by her love of wine (yes, I know that it's a cliche!) Her independent little wine business, Morevino, champions independent little wine producers and we love her for it. 

tre amici - 0617 - dzuks - 86.jpg

No Mafia

I'd been hearing friends talk about No Mafia for ages, and it always revolved around being a great place for casual eating and drinking, with a really well chosen wine list and awesome food. Turns out our friends know what they're talking about - Em, Rachael and their team have put together the kind of bar I never want to walk out of!



I've never been to Spain, but bloody hell I want to go. Family, friends, business partners...they've all been there, are still living there or desperate to go back. And I tell you what, if the food over there is half as good as Duende, I'm going and I can't promise I won't be staying!!!

balthazar - 0717 - dzuks - 237.jpg


Terms like 'seasonality', 'local', 'natural' and 'minimal intervention' get thrown about pretty frequently these days...occasionally a bit too frequently. However, when you get crew like Skye and Dan @ Balthazar embracing this philosophy whole-heartedly, it's a combination that drives one of Perth's leading restaurants.



Petition is, in my humble opinion, the beating heart of the State Buildings (and that's saying something!) A wine bar with a razor sharp focus on small producers and their stories. Compelling wines, matched with delicious plates and all overseen by current WA Sommelier of the Year, Emma Farrelly.


Market Eating House

I'll admit it, I'm a Margaret River snob! I've rarely driven deliberately into the centre of Bunbury, and only ever really to pick up some new glasses or to play a bit of cricket. Well...Bunbury has changed, for the better, and Market Eating House is leading the charge. Excellent food, great service and a really concise wine list with a focus on local producers.


Tiny's Liquor Emporium

When we first released our wines, we sent a bottle of each to Rachael Niall (of Budburst fame) to get her thoughts. We wanted someone at the coalface of Perth's eating and drinking scene, with no preconceived bias towards Heretic Wines. She was generous with her feedback, both positive and critical, and was really lovely to deal with. Rachael is now in charge of wine list at Tiny's Liquor Emporium, a new venture in the QV1 building, and we're super excited to be involved.


Old Bridge Cellars

I spent more than my fare share of time in Old Bridge Cellars when I was younger (Mum and Dad owned a unit in North Freo).  Initially, I was trying to figure out which was cheaper, the Canadian Club, the Southern Comfort or the Stoli's (no judgement!) However, as I discovered the world of wine, I realised what a resource the guys at Old Bridge are. Domestic or international, and across a range of prices,  it's a certified treasure trove!


The Freo Doctor

Another great Freo bottleshop, just off South Terrace, The Freo Doctor crew specialise in craft beers and small batch wines (right up our alley). They're often my 'get out of jail free' card, because I can always grab a growler of awesome beer to take home to Harrie if I've been away for a couple of days!


Mane Liquor

My other 'get out of jail free' card, Elliot & Josh at Mane Liquor have a staggering selection of beers from all over the world. Unfortunately, said beers don't always make it back down south as they are consumed somewhere between Perth and Margs! They're also passionate supporters of local, small batch winemakers (think Dormilona, Brave New Wine, La Violetta and, of course, Heretic Wines). 



A joint venture between the guys from Snake & Herring, and Aaron Carr (formerly at Vasse Felix). Aaron and Sal (front of house) have just made it into the Financial Review Top 100 Restaurants in Australia, an amazing effort given they've only been open for 6 months - congrats guys! 


The Wine Loft

Part of the Boatshed Market in Cottesloe, The Wine Loft is directly above the fruit & veges (but only if you can drag yourself away from the AMAZING butcher you have to walk past on the way up the stairs!) Louise and her team have somehow managed to defy physics, and squeeze more awesome wine into a physical space than should be possible.